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A1. Home Automation using GSM.      
A2. Wireless Monitoring of Heart Patients With Abnormal Heart Rate Detection Using GSM/GPRS/GPS. (IEEE)    
A3. Wireless Vending Machine Operating Using GSM.    
A4. Weather Monitoring Station Using GSM.    
A5. Prepaid Energy Meter Using GSM.    
A6. Intelligent Vehicle Theft Security System Using GSM/GPRS/GPS.     
A7. Intelligent Monitoring/Positioning System In Vehicle Accident Case Using GSM/GPRS/GPS.    
A8. Anti Collision Device and Real Time Monitoring Using GSM/GPRS/GPS.    
A9. Postpaid Energy Meter Using GSM.    
A10. Intelligent Home Security And Crime Control System Using GSM/GPRS. (IEEE)    
A11. Intelligent Irrigation System Using GSM/GPRS.    
A12. ECG Monitoring And Data Transfer Using GSM/GPRS.    
A13. DC/AC Motor Speed Controlling Using GSM/GPRS.    
A14. Industrial Automation Using GSM/GPRS.    
A15. Temperature Based, Wireless Fan Speed Controlling Using GSM/GPRS.    
A16. IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) Implementation Using GSM/GPRS.    
A17. Smart Real Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using GSM/GPRS/GPS. (IEEE)    
A18. Smart Traffic Light Control System Using GSM/GPRS. (IEEE)    
A19. Automatic And Intelligent Monitoring Of Oil Tankers/Trucks For Illegal Fuel Stealing. (IEEE)    
A20. Automatic Vehicle Positioning System using GSM/GPRS/GPS. (IEEE)    
A21. Remote Notice Board Implementation Using GSM/GPRS. (IEEE)    
A22. Intelligent Voting Machine With Aadhaar UID Using GSM/GPRS/GPS.    
A23. On line Monitoring And Analysis Of Faults In Transmission And Distribution Lines Using GSM/GPRS.    
A24. Distribution Transformer Monitoring System Using GSM/GPRS.    
A25. 3-Phase Motor Controlling & Monitoring in Irrigation Using GSM/GPRS.    
A26. Student Data Acquisition Using GSM/GPRS.    
A27. Kids Tracking & Safety Using GSM/GPRS/GPS.    
A28. Real Time Vehicle Registration Details Extraction For Traffic Police Using GSM/GPRS.    
A29. Astronomical Clock Using GPS.    
A30. Real Time Position Tracking System Using GPRS/GPS.    
A31. Live Vehicle Tracking On Google Maps Using GPRS/GPS.    
A32. Online Temperature & Humidity Data Logger Using GPRS.    



B1. Multiple Load Controlling Using Android Phone    
B2. Smart Home Automation Using Android App    
B3. Intelligent Wireless Appliance Controlling Using Voice Recognition Android App    
B4. Real Time Accurate Heart Pulse Rate Measurement And Analyzer using Android App    
B5. Wireless Data Logger For Various Parameters Using Android App    
B6. DC/AC Motor Speed Controlling Using Android App    
B7. Multi Point Temperature Data Logger Using Android App    
B8. Smart Energy Measurement Using Android App    
B9. SONAR System With Visuals in Android Phone    
B10. Advanced Patient Monitoring Through Android Phone    
B11. Wireless System Controller Using Android Phone    
B12. Distance Measurement and Depth Measurement Using Ultrasound Module And Android Phone    
B13. Wireless Radar System On Android Phone With Real Time Visualizations    
B14. Intelligent Locking System Using Android Phone    
B15. Smart Solar Powered Home With Android App Controlling